Marching all to die, Dubpod #12 (Dec 2015)

Another year begins and we all inch closer to death. Yes, we might fool ourselves by humming a little tune as we go, but really we're marching all to die ....

1: The Skull, Black slavery days
2: King Tubby's, African tribe dub
3: Rod Taylor, The lord is my light
4: The Abyssinians, I and I
5: Errol Thompson & Clive Chin, Extraordinary (version)
6: Marching all to die
7: Junior Murvin, Cool out son
8: Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters, Babylon police chief dub
9: Jo Jo Hookim, Moses dub
10: Alton & Hortense Ellis, When I'm down
11: Kevin Mills, Reverse dub
12: What an ass
13: The Eclips Band, Vision
14: V.Smith, Poor and clean (version)
15: Lloyd Young, High explosion
16: Tommy McCook & The Observers, Psalm 9 to keep in mind
17: Al Campbell/Bunny Lee, You're mine (version)
18: Judah Tarafi Eskender, Rastafari tell you
19: Carl Bryan, Cover charge
20: Count Matuchki, It is I (Matchuki's cooking)
21: Mighty Diamonds, I need a roof
22: Cornell Campbell, Follow instruction (version)
23: Electro lab
24: The Upsetters, Bad draw
25: Mikey Dread, Raggamuffin dubstyle
26: Scientist/Culture, Black hole
27: The Fleetwoods, Unchained melody


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