Planet of headbreakers, Noisepod #6 (Dec 2015)

When travellers from a distant galaxy finally make it to Earth in future centuries, they'll take a look at the general devastation - the melted polar ice-caps, the polluted forests, the traffic-strewn mega-cities - and they'll wonder why they bothered coming all this way. They'll note the preponderance of religious hatred, the wilful ignorance, the mass consumerism, and ... they'll despair. These superior beings had expected a peaceful planet of artists and musicians, writers and thinkers, a wonderfully complex planetary eco-structure based on mutual inter-species interdependence. Instead, they'll have stumbled on a madly out of control place, a planet of headbreakers ...

1: Fist Of Fury, Inserted rage
2: Pyre, Far beyond the unknown
3: In Cold Blood, Straight flush
4: Unit Pride, Eminent front
5: Castle Freak, Caught in a casket
6: To raise children
7: Mordant, The sick rose (fuck the bad rose club)
8: Frau, Orca
9: Shade Circle, Last drop
10: Putrisect, Better to burn
11: That loney
12: Iron Reagan, Drop the gun
13: Bricks, Culture of sterility
14: Methodist Centre, Thumb in bum and mind in neutral
15: No Negative, Bone law
16: The Love Below, Fuck you up and get you high
17: Ridiculous Trio, No fun
18: Siberian Ass Torture, $15 haircut
19: Sex Pistols, Problems
20: Sidetracked, Second to none
21: Dixie, Into the death - Kumagawa spacy grinder
22: No Form, Barrier
23: Stanley headbreaker
24: Negative WorM, Destroy everything
25: Mass Grave, President's dick
26: Warxgames, Sick inside
27: Good Throb, No taste
28: Pressing On, What we believe
29: Crass, Time out
30: Death Pedals, Bored of youth
31: Shit Eagles, Girls in school
32: Queer'd Science, Nazifucker
33: xDELOREANx, The blacksmith must die


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