Raw, cooked and burnt, Podcast #126 (Jan 2016)

Kill all yr idols, because ... well, they're not worth idolising when you really examine the matter. No, tear 'em to shreds, chuck 'em in the fire.

That's right. Forget Bowie, Jagger, Dylan, Lydon, Cobain. Billy Childish? No, him neither. Nor Tony Wilson, Mark E Smith, or even the saintly John Peel. I'm throwing them all overboard. It's just me and my podcast from now on. Never mind that it's second-hand, hugely derivative and entirely untouched by genius. It's mine. It might be raw, (over-)cooked and burnt, but it's still mine ...

1: Vir Nocturna, Analgesia
2: Martha Rose, Tree. cloud. crow.
3: NITWIT, Fuck to my Romagna
4: MFC Chicken, 29 bus
5: Flat Sucks, Hitoga atsumaruto rokunakotoga nai
6: Help Stamp Out Loneliness, Record shop
7: Nick Didkovsky, Ice cream time
8: Siege Stompers, Accepted price
9: Winjer3, Slowly spreading
10: Courtney Barnett, Pedestrian at best
11: Chester Hawkins, Sepia (for Dieter Moebius)
12: Lord Beginner, Christmas morning the rum had me yawning
13: Umanzuki, Light crystal bounce
14: He was burnt
15: That Fucking Tank, Bruce Springstonehenge
16: Lloyd Briscoe, Jonah (the master)
17: Arrogants, I’m gonna leave you
18: Alien Center Of Disease, Dental work
19: Martin Auer, Draußt auf da Gassn
20: Howard Hughes & David Tattersall, He can see her
21: Kοκκαλα, β7
22: Hinge, How the west was won
23: Meow Meow!, I wonder what went wrong
24: Doug Shepherd, Desert mud
25: Harry Violet & The Sharks, Dance at the Korova
26: Cat Apostrophe, CBA# (3am)


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