All you punks, all you grindfiends, Noisepod #7 (Mar 2016)

If you know where to look (ie listen), there's noise ... er, everywhere.

Emergency vehicles (my bit of east London is alive with them), road works (who doesn't love a pneumatic drill?), car soundsystems (dumpff dumpff dumpff), raucous birds, slamming doors, random shouts and screams (scarily enough) ... yeah, it's all around us. NOIZE.

I was struck recently by Nik Cohn mentioning how "noise" was a predominant quality in the confrontational new rock 'n' roll sound of the fifties. It's not what you immediately associate with Little Richard or Jerry Lee Lewis, but ... yes, that's it. Noise. Along with swagger, sex appeal, and one or two other things. Noise, lovely noise.

And noise is still with us. Only, er, more so. So unplug your filthy ears all you punks, all you grindfiends. Cos this Noisepod is my own particular tribute to Bill Haley & The Comets ...

1: Lucha Eterna, Walter Mercado 
2: Magrudergrind, Incapacity reigns 
3: Tersanjung 13, Global warming 
4: Mr California And The Mr California Band, My generation 
5: Genocide Pact, Experiments in nihilsm 
6: Fundamental, Violent dance 
7: All you punks, all you grindfiends 
8: Dregs, Parallel justice 
9: Callate, Jabba el terrible hut! 
10: White Christian Disaster, A message for a more united middle class 
11: Dixie, Morbidon spider 
12: Amorous Dialogues, Be reasonable 
13: That circus is fucked 
14: Guilty Parents, Nowt 
15: Roseanne Barrr, A thief's journal 
16: Mozart, The tick 
17: Young Offenders, Outta here/Wen Ho Lee 
18: Black Tambourines, I wanna stay away 
19: Moon Hag, Pills 
20: Inky's oak 
21: 100 Demons, Ne desit virtus 
22: Inquiry Last Scenery, Behind the mask 
23: ChopChop, Good ol' shippers 
24: Kill-A-Watts, Can't be told 
25: The Mummies, (You must fight to live) on the planet of the apes 
26: The Ridiculous Trio, Down on the street 
27: 666 
28: Overbite, Cell 
29: Archie And The Bunkers, Trade winds 
30: xDELOREANx, Trash for my engine 
31: Pick Your Side, Bleeding out 
32: Lifeless, The truth of life and death 
33: The Love Triangle, Do you think that you've found love? 
34: Jimmy Dickinson, Red headed woman 
35: Venkman, Tony no like 
36: X-Ray Spex, Obsessed with you


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