The wilderness years, Podcast #127 (Feb 2016)

Shockingly, there was a time, long long ago, when I almost forgot to go to see any bands. It was during those dark and depressing years of my higher edukashun. Slaving away in the university library, I only manage to look up from my books once or twice, remembering that I liked live music, and ... then I managed to trot off to see Spaceman 3 or Bikini Kill (both of these at that house music madhouse The Hacienda, oddly enough).

Though it might well have been because I was half-deafened by The Hacienda klaxons, this was a worryingly barren time for live bands. Just a rubbishy James gig or some Malcolm X-inspired nonsense from Public Enemy to tide me over. Unlike the poor suckers these days, I didn't leave university with £30,000 of debt, but I'm sorely afraid I did miss out on a properly well-rounded musical education. Dear oh dear. It's taken me years to get over it. I'm probably still (over-)compensating for it now. Ugh, those were the wildernesss years ...

1: Dregs, Strange glue pt II
2: SPCZ, Gatria
3: Radical Boy, ? (Sebright Arms, London 25/2/16)
4: HHY & The Macumbas, Gysin version
5: The Holy Innocents, Down, down, down
6: The wilderness years
7: Raw fun, Till the end of the song
8: Ryan Little, Not a swan song
9: White Christian Disaster, Going to the mall just like mum and dad
10: Black Saturn, Cool breeze
11: Brain Queen, ? (Old Blue Last, London 10/2/16)
12: Kuxan Suum, Kinich ahau
13: Mongrels, Half moon (dub)
14: Ben Vida, Damaged particulates XII (unsound/subpac test)
15: Fickle Twin, ? (Stuck On A Name Studios, Nottingham 5/2/16)
16: Miranda Taylor & MikeHunchback, Fuge number one
17: Eyryx, Madness in the fast lane
18: Fruit Bomb, ? (Old Blue Last, London 19/2/16)
19: Michael Howard, The tallest man in Idaho
20: Pencil, NotEnoughNoise


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