Ruining my career, Podcast #129 (Apr 2016)

Listening to Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard's 'Em Are I as I post this fabulous new podcast, I can't help reflecting on how Lewis must now be considered very much NYC "establishment" by the younger musicians of Williamsburg and Forest Hills. Not him!, they must say, as they check out the latest promo murmurings on Brooklyn Vegan. No that tiresome motherfucker Lewis and his boring crew of sing-a-long mates! Yeah, it comes to all of us. We're suddenly old hat. Last year's thing (if we were ever a "thing" at all). Oh dear ...

As it happens, having not liked 'Em Are I overmuch at first blush, I've now warmed to it. Not least to stuff featuring Jeffrey Lewis' underrated brother Jack. Oh no. Having now admitted to retaining a soft spot for the past-their-sell-by-date brothers Lewis, I've probably gone and damaged by transatlantic blogger street cred. Damn it. I'm ruining my career ...

1: Phoenelai, Voices from the fire 

2: Two White Cranes, So much water, so close to home 
3: Oiseaux-Tempête, Nec mergitur 
4: His attacks on inequality 
5: The Hairs, Wild thing (Shea Stadium SK, New York 12/4/16) 
6: Wayne Kinos, Kerberos 
7: DJ Stingray 313, Lurker 
8: Rene Wiegert & others, I went a marvellous party 
9: Cinderblock, Disco killers 
10: Lee Scratch Perry & The Heptones, Three in one 
11: Sean Henry, Everyone was dead (Silent Barn, New York 10/4/16) 
12: My Disco, 1991 
13: Soda Fountain Rag, Oh oh 
14: Ruining my career 
15: Jimmy Penguin, Erupt 
16: Susanna, Burning sea 
17: Box Fan, ? (Silent Barn, New York 10/4/16) 
18: Marrach/Bad Poet/Chtin Mara, Habitus poeticus 
19: Fun-Da-Mental, Dog tribe 
20: Maybe Don’t, Retroactive continuity 
21: Johnny Peinlich, wtf 
22: President Brown, Preserving life 
23: Gregor Thresher, 1982 
24: C Strøm, Dark as a medley 
25: Roger Döring/Konrad Korabiewski, Hof 
26: The Basic Income Earth Network, If not now, when? II


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