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Friday, 30 September 2016

He ain't got no hustle, Dubpod #15 (Sept 2016)

Having got my many minions to scour the Niluccio on noise dub vaults, I hereby bring you the latest dubpod, all 26 bone-shaking tracks of it.

So, er ... what's that? You don't think I've got any minions and ... no vaults either? Ah, that's sort of true. In fact, it's just me plucking a few tunes from some boring old files on my computer on a Friday night. Right, fine. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: he's all show. He's hardly even got any decent music. And what he has got is tired and dated. In fact, you're saying to yourselves, he ain't got no hustle ...

1: Glen Brown/King Tubby, There's dub
2: Jah Shaka, Conquering dub
3: Scientist, King Tubby's mandate
4: Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaries, Lonely dub
5: Fat Man at King Tubby, Enter in dub
6: Get him a cuppa tea
7: Alton Ellis, I'll be waiting
8: Don Drummond & The Skatalites, Heavenless
9: Horace & Sound Dimention, Every tongue shall tell (version)
10: Black Uhuru, Apocalypse
11: Super Beagle, Dust a sound boy
12: Michigan & Smiley, Nice up the dance
13: He ain't got no hustle
14: Gregory Isaacs All Stars, Black a kill black dub
15: Tippa Irie, Sleng teng finish already
16: Music Intimidator/Tappa Zukie, Every one have their works
17: Roy Dobson/Black Pearl, Rising dub
18: Johnny Clarke, Rocking dub
19: La nuestra epoca
20: Aggrolites, Hot stop
21: The Three Tones, I'm so proud of you
22: Sylvain Chauveau & Konono No1, Makembe
23: Dillinger, Mickey Mouse crab louse
24: Brentford All-stars & others, Capricorn dub
25: Linval Thompson, Don't cut off your dub
26: Bungo Herman/Francis, Immortal drums

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Unpleasant and unnecessary, Podcast #133 (Aug 2016)

Whoops, it's nearly October and I'm only just posting the August podcast. Niluccio on noise - always one (or three or four) steps behind.

Yes, you'll have to forgive me. It's a disgrace and I'm truly sorry. Anyway, when you finally settle down to listen to this 79-minute-57-second masterpiece, I'm sure you'll agree that much (if not all) of it is unpleasant and unnecessary ...

1: Liquid Concept, Before the night
2: Yusef Lateef, Chang, chang, chang
3: Unpleasant and unnecessary
4: Fadeaways, How can I make her mine
5: Jennifer Lara, A change gonna come
6: Severed Heads, Barbara three edit
7:  Ahmed Fakroun, Falah
8: James P Johnson’s Blue Note Jazzmen, Easy rider
9: Suppression, Good squad
10: Ainst Char, Your cellar, my shrine
11: The Cavemen, I’d kill
12: Jabo Williams, Fat mama blues
13: Aglow Hollow, Browulf
14: Fraktion, Replication of a past feeling
15: Jonathan Richman, Roadrunner
16: Dagger, Run down
17: The Last Poets, It’s a trip
18: Lyd, Parameter morphing
19: Mise, Alive (doing it right)
20: Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaries, Boss man dub
21: Golden Teacher, On the street
22: Seclorance, Depths of self-deception
23: Milk Boy, Milk Boy 8
24: Doug Hammond, Spaces and things (lopin’/meno mosso)

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Paix Paix Paix

Chris Marker eat your heart out. Here's Don Cherry, the extraterrestrial trumpeter come among you ...

Friday, 16 September 2016

Calling time on late (and early) bands

How late is too late? And how early is too early? These are the vital questions I frequently find myself pondering as I set off for another of my oh-so-exciting gigs.

Bleeding’ hell. They’ve finished. Missed ‘em again.

Yeah, in recent years I’ve failed to see quite a few bands/artists I’ve intended to catch because I was just too damned slow in getting to the church on time.

Or was I? How do you know when bands are actually going to be starting their miserable little 25-minute performances anyway? Forget the laughably inaccurate “stage times” notices you sometimes see at venue entrances. Nearly always wrong. And don’t pay too much attention to what promoters sometimes (but usually only if you go to the trouble of asking them via Facebook or something) might tell you. Again, it’s nearly always wrong.

No, there’s no reliable way of knowing. So what happens? In my case, more often than not I get it all hopelessly wrong. Arriving just as the band I’d fancied seeing are finished their last song. Or, getting to the sweaty little pub/basement bar to find nothing happening and there still being two bands to go before the one I’d actually come for. At this point, in a typical display of my almost Buddhist powers of rigorous self-control and transcendental patience, I normally go straight back home again (especially if it’s in my local east London patch). Bye. Who wants to wait around while lackadaisical band members drink at the bar or fiddle around endlessly with their equipment on stage before … going away again for another 20 minutes?

Then of course there’s that other variation on lateness … not showing up at all! Twice this year I’ve been to see a specific band I’d had my eye on (ear on?) only to find - on both occasions - they’d “cancelled”. Right, keep that up and no-one is ever going to watch you play your rubbishy songs …

So how late is too late? Good question. I’ll leave the answer to the inimitable Howard Devoto …