He ain't got no hustle, Dubpod #15 (Sept 2016)

Having got my many minions to scour the Niluccio on noise dub vaults, I hereby bring you the latest dubpod, all 26 bone-shaking tracks of it.

So, er ... what's that? You don't think I've got any minions and ... no vaults either? Ah, that's sort of true. In fact, it's just me plucking a few tunes from some boring old files on my computer on a Friday night. Right, fine. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: he's all show. He's hardly even got any decent music. And what he has got is tired and dated. In fact, you're saying to yourselves, he ain't got no hustle ...

1: Glen Brown/King Tubby, There's dub
2: Jah Shaka, Conquering dub
3: Scientist, King Tubby's mandate
4: Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaries, Lonely dub
5: Fat Man at King Tubby, Enter in dub
6: Get him a cuppa tea
7: Alton Ellis, I'll be waiting
8: Don Drummond & The Skatalites, Heavenless
9: Horace & Sound Dimention, Every tongue shall tell (version)
10: Black Uhuru, Apocalypse
11: Super Beagle, Dust a sound boy
12: Michigan & Smiley, Nice up the dance
13: He ain't got no hustle
14: Gregory Isaacs All Stars, Black a kill black dub
15: Tippa Irie, Sleng teng finish already
16: Music Intimidator/Tappa Zukie, Every one have their works
17: Roy Dobson/Black Pearl, Rising dub
18: Johnny Clarke, Rocking dub
19: La nuestra epoca
20: Aggrolites, Hot stop
21: The Three Tones, I'm so proud of you
22: Sylvain Chauveau & Konono No1, Makembe
23: Dillinger, Mickey Mouse crab louse
24: Brentford All-stars & others, Capricorn dub
25: Linval Thompson, Don't cut off your dub
26: Bungo Herman/Francis, Immortal drums


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