Al-Qa'ida's drugs, Noisepod #9 (Oct 2016)

With your Dr Dre Beats clamped to your oversized head, swaggering down the street in your expensive togs, you're gonna be cursing my name. Because, when you hear the auditory offerings contained in the latest Niluccio on noise Noisepod, it's going to hit you. This collection is disgusting, depraved and barely worth gracing with the name of music. It's tuneless, witless and hollow. Yes, it's that good. 

But, ingrate that you are, you're probably still not convinced. Not having previously sampled al-Qa'ida's drugs, it's all a little mind-altering. C'mon! Follow this chap's lead. Pull down your hood, turn it up and wait until everything around you becomes a faintly disturbing swirl of blues, greens and yellows. NOS! 

1: G.L.O.S.S., Trans day of revenge
2: Cinderblock, No future
3: Pharaoh, Recease
4: No One Survives, Fuckin' pigs
5: Dagger, Worn away
6: Heck Tate, Battle of pogo
7: Nuclear Witch, Fast to sleep/Poisoned and cursed
8: Like a clown
9: The Damned, Alone
10: Dixie, FRI!! FRI!!! FRI!!!!
11: Flat Sucks, Sorry
12: Occultist, Death siglis
13: Infect, Clarenza
14: White Christian Disaster, Smiling happy people have sex
15: Al-Qa'ida's drugs
16: Death Grips, Feels like a wheel
17: Loffciamcore, Bad touch at the Love Parade (Pink Punk Boy remix)
18: Sex Prisoner, Hard feelings
19: Yaitw, Psychopathy
20: Sex Pistols, EMI (bootleg)
21: If I liked the movie
22: Hinge, How the west was won
23: xDELOREANx, Trash for my engine
24: Congential Haemorrhoids, Concerto for noisegrind Pt2
25: The Fall, Rowche rumble
26: Fister, Antitheist
27: Chain Gang Grave, Autumn cannibalism


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