Delivers more than the alternatives #134 (Sept 2016)

I usually marvel at people who, for one reason or another, don't like music. Not that they usually put it that way. They just don't seem to care about it. And it just doesn't, as it were, feature in their lives. It's conspicuous by its absence. But having been exposed to some truly godawful music recently (I can't remember what, where or when, but I remember the depression-like feelings it occasioned), I almost understand the beauty of life without music.

Almost. But then again, I actually don't understand it at all. Because, when you've got Podcast #134 ready and waiting, how can you possibly contemplate a single solitary moment without the glorious sounds of a Niluccio on noise compilation? Rest assured. It delivers more than the alternatives ...

1: Summer, Se meurt
2: Just Blankets, ? (JT Soar, Nottingham 9/9/10)
3: Special Request, Request the style
4: Thee Knaves, (His) breathing artwork
5: ?, Meditational raga of north India
6: worriedaboutsatan, The violent sequence (edit)
7: Delivers more than the alternatives
8: Stiv Bators, It’s cold outside
9: MegaHast3r, Uff
10: Dennis Brown & The Crystalites, Changing times
11: Raving lunatic
12: HiT, ? (Windmill, London 20/9/10)
13: Pretochines, Dark fall
14: Papa San, Big and bad
15: Thurston Moore, Speak to the wild
16: Edmond Hall’s Jazzmen, Night shift blues
17: Stefano Pilia, Ada
18: Oelek, De droes
19: Los Calchakis, Guitarra nueva
20: Chinese apology
21: Langax, The alien party
22: Roy Brown, Hard luck blues


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