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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

A song from where the wall is cracked ...

Dave Formula, worried that he's going to be shot by both sides, inspects the latest near miss ...

This, I'm reliably informed, is a core drilled hole. Whatever that is.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Oh America, then and now

Gee Vaucher's newly-topical Oh America, which recently adorned the front page of that esteemed newspaper of record, The Daily Mirror. Yes, really.

I shudder to think what Crass would have to say about Donald Trump ...

Monday, 7 November 2016

Obviously is forbidden, Podcast #135 (Oct 2016)

There are very few acceptable excuses for failing to listen to the latest Niluccio on on noise podcast. You're feeling tired? Pathetic. Your beloved dog's ill? No, not good enough. You've just run someone over in your car and have left the scene of the accident and are now effectively a fugitive from the law? No. Still not good enough. You've got some other music you want to listen to first? Aggghhh! The worst of all. This is most definitely NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Such a flimsy (and downright insulting) excuse obviously is forbidden ... 

1: Giorgio Moroser, Horrific
2: Starkey Banton, I and I saw them coming (Radikal Guru remix)
3: Bearfoot Beware, ? (Old Blue Last, London 23/10/16)
4: Pointe Du Lac, A progressive approach to the lake
5: Obviously is forbidden
6: The Mekons, Where were you
7: DJ Anarchist, ?
8: Echo 106, Blackness (short edit)
9: Bobby Bland, I've been wrong so long
10: maQLu, Dr Jekyll’s mask
11: Get Back Guinozzi, Police and thieves
12: Isabelle, ? (Pop In, Paris 6/10/16)
13: U Black, Natty dread at the controls
14: Bambooman, Stargaze
15: The Cleaners From Venus, Follow the plough
16: Molnbär Av John, Willow sketch
17: Top two joints
18: Screaming Jay Hawkins, I put a spell on you
19: Raez, Hologram jinn
20: Keith Irving, Ride the rhythm (remix)
21: Pulso, Positivo % negativo
22: Little Esther, Lost in a dream
23: Resonancedj, Eyes

Sunday, 6 November 2016