For me to come home, Podcast #136 (Nov 2016)

Warning! Listening to this podcast could blow your arms clean out of their sockets. You'll never be the same again, you big dummy.

And then what will you do? It'll be all over. Time for us to depart. Time for me to come home ...

1: Twin Realities Dreamers, One miracle of life
2: Ignantz, My children
3: Battle with rebels
4: Siege, Dispossessed
5: почему коммутатор молчит, почему коммутатор молчит
6: Thee Mighty Caesars, Baby who mutilated everybody’s heart
7: Wild Worm Web, Black power to the people
8: Atropello, Porque conforma rnos contan poco?
9:  Playing In Tongues, Angeline the baker
10: A-Grav Lab, U and I
11: TOLE, DogBagDisorder
12: News providers will do it
13: Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons, Why do you hate me
14: Ensemble Cypriote De Musique Ancienne, Sarakinos: le dit du sarassin (extract)
15: Chamber Of Torture, Incarcerated
16: Robsongs, Persephone
17: Circus Marcus, Les accouplements répétitifs
18: The Dynamic Four, Let’s make love
19: Starless & Bible Black, Your majesty man
20: Half Cocked, Hitler’s cock
21: For me to come home
22: Lobo Loco, Goodbye Jonny
23: Sparkle Blood, Denim convention
24: Grievous Angel, All girlz


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