A really unhappy place, Podcast #138 (Jan 2017)

Completely unbidden, a Crass song came into my mind as I sat down to post this exciting new podcast. Know what it was? Do you? Eh? Eh ...? Well, it was their lovely little diatribe Heard Too Much About. As far as I can make out, the song (all one minute and nine seconds of it) was about the tribalism of social class and class politics. Something about how working-class identity politics are just another trap, like most things associated with regular politics. I hear ya Mr Ignorant, I hear ya. 

Well, this furious feline has decided he's had enough. He's going to do something about it.

But ... it's only a stencil and not real life though. He is, like they say, just acting out. Know why? He's extremely disheartened. He's downcast, disconsolate, depressed. Basically, he's in a really unhappy place ...

1: Staatskapelle Dresden, Overture [part] (Wagner, Die Walküre) 
2: Cowman, Small white stint
3: Matsu:Gravas, Voice print identification
4: Pet Crow, ? (JT Soar, Nottingham 30/1/17)
5: Rude Mechanicals, Wolfgang
6: Dog Legs, Toot toot (hey)
7: The Anambra Beats, Ayamma
8: A really unhappy place
9: Synapsis, Dubrelli
10: Henry Blacker, Shit magus
11: -, +B
12: Fatal Injection, Post nuclear trip
13: Etoile 2000, Boubou n’Gary
14: Scrap Brain, BPD
15: Masonics, Obermann rides again
16: Monplaisir, Vie et mort du fantôme de la machine
17: KimCosmik, Cosmik boogie
18: Anguish Sandwich, Carole
19: Conflict, Crawl away
20: Sea Of Åland, We belong to the sea part 1
21: Hardcore Boys, Body respect song
22: Kleines Schwingvergnügen, 10 jahre frauenbewegung
23: Socialite, Banned for life
24: The Routes, No permanence 
25: Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Spaceman
26: Bvbel, Vntihero


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