Many factories, Podcast #141 (Apr 2017)

So I was reading a supposedly "insightful" article the other day telling me that there are very good reasons why a lot of people (most?) more or less stop listening to new music in their 30s and 40s. The argument seemed to be something like "nothing's quite the same when you're not young anymore, first loves are the most impactful ...blah blah". Load of rubbish, of course. For one thing, "love" when you're 18 is very likely nothing but teenage desire (just lust). For another, a lot of music you listen to when you're young turns out to be pretty mediocre. Give it another few decades of exposure to music and you start to put things into different perspectives.

So why do people give up on new music when they themselves are old and decrepit (around the age of 32)? Er, I guess "real life" kicks in. You know, life. Jobs, families, other stuff. Plus, they get distracted by millions of non-music entertainment things, especially television, that great satanic anti-music medium. But OK, maybe people get a bit boring as well. Creaky and conservative. If you ask me, they should stop thinking about their tiresome responsibilities, their loathsome families, their mindless jobs ... and spend more time in the many factories of new Niluccio music ...

1: Nihilore, Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas
2: Channel Surfing, Buy a personality
3: Plebs & Fuckboys, Stereotypology in a nutshell
4: Grey Hairs, Serious business
5: Champion Jack Dupree, Highway blues
6: Stromwender, Release
7: Human Behaviour, ? (Windmill, London 20/4/17)
8: Walker Brothers, My ship is coming in
9: Many factories
10: Krigshot, Krigshetsare
11: Creo, Dimension
12: The Abominable Ski-Mask, Runaway slave part II
13: Papa Kourand, Pointe-noire
14: Karmacoma, Headroom (demo)
15: Glows, ? (Windmill, London 13/4/17)
16: Black Box, Ride on time (massive mix)
17: SVTR-ERT, Space buto
18: The Big Beats, Beware
19: Dirty Fences, 1000
20: Bob Andy, Unchained
21: (New England) Patriots, Celebrity
22: Graham Preskett, Congregation
23: The Darts, Ramblin stone
24: Charlene Darling et al, Tous les soirs (hospital)
25: Glass Boy, Bump
26: Human Adult Band, 08


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