The real tough guy, Noisepod #12 (June 2017)

So there I am, idly scanning a Guardian interview with Kraftwerk's Ralf Hütter, when I see the following remark from Hütter:

Basically, nothing has changed. It’s still all about composition. And for the last 50 years, it has always been like this. There have always been speakers all around - radio speakers, televisions. A little more [now], but then again … it’s about the intensity. All the rest is just noise.”

Yeah, and that's what this blog is about - noise. So don't diss it Mr Hütter! As it happens, the rather dull Kraftwerk "legend" seems to have little interest in much outside his own self-regarding world (Twitter, for example, is "basically … very banal") and you get the feeling he's absorbed too much of the adulation surrounding Kraftwerk to retain much objectivity or curiosity. Ah, the fate of all successful musicians ...

Or, looking again, is Hütter actually just saying it's the music that matters not the medium (whether it's streamed on a phone or listened to on an ancient hi-fi or whatever)? Er, could be, and if so ... I agree. Whether you're listening to Trans-Europe Express or the latest Niluccio on noise podcast, it's the music not the mode that matters.

And speaking of the latest Niluccio on noise podcast, here's one I prepared earlier .... It's the very embodiment of Hütter's "all the rest is noise". Indeed, it's all noise! But don't be swayed by Hütter's pejorative use of "noise". Noise is life. And in this, I am right and he is wrong. I'm the real tough guy ...

1: Regimen, Jag tvättar
2: Death Pedals, Count of none
3: Perspex Flesh, Passing through
4: Gehenna, Baptized in fallout
5: Fallas, Mercenarios de la muerte
6: Warxgames, Sick inside
7: The real tough guy
8: Siberian Ass Torture, Nothing came to me
9: No Form, Goddess of fire
10: Grey Hairs, Man is a kitchen
11: Eskro, Soldados desechables
12: Polo Pepo Y La Sociedad Corrupta, Chavo marginado
13: The voice of America
14: Suppression, Cowboys from Yale
15: Amorous Dialogues, Be reasonable
16: Enforcers, Unto dust
17: Part Chimp, Bad boon
18: Socialite, Banned for life
19: You are interested in the unknown
20: Skinny Girl Diet, Teenage wolf pack
21: Straight Forward, IOXME
22: The Abominable Ski-Mask, Runaway slave part II
23: Ataraxia, Loop
24: Hey Colossus, Wired_brainless
25: You've come to the right guy
26: Thunderbirds, Flying saucers
27: Woolf, December
28: Condemn The Infected, Deny existence
29: Toska, Off track betting
30: White Christian Disaster, Moral values worth a dime
31: I got in my truck
32: Sex Pistols, Just me (I wanna be me)
33: Swerve, Submission
34: Unit Pride, Friendship
35: Flipper, Living for the depression


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