The Conservative brand, Podcast #143 (June 2017)

It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it ... isn't that the truth? So never mind that I'm just a piddling music blogger with a minuscule (non-existent?) following and a possibly even smaller reputation in the music blogosphere. Because .. er, I'm doing it all very stylishly. Or with "love". Or with superb wit. (Or maybe none of these things). But, well, I guess I am at least doing it. Churning out these wondrous podcasts, that is. And generally sharing my wayward thoughts on music, on noise, on noisy music ...

Actually though, after more than a decade of those podcasts (OK, just CDRs originally) and a fair few years of the music blog, maybe it's time to knuckle down and get serious. I need to develop a recognisable product. A style. Develop and market a clever little niche. No more of this mixing things up. No-one's ever going to like the Niluccio on noise blog if I keep doing that. So no more pretentious eclecticism from here on in. Just one thing and one thing only. It'll be a wholly new Niluccio on noise blog. The Conservative brand ...

1: AGF + Werkstatt, Ninjaness
2: N3rgul, Radio free wasteland
3: Eilert Pilarm, Jailhouse rock
4: Saul Adamczewski, The garden of the numb (Windmill, London 21/6/17)
5: Flying Species, Electric zygoptera part II
6: Clint Eastwood & General Saint, Tribute to General Echo
7: DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess, Too long (too short dub)
8: Ski Saigon, Sweet dreams in the botanics (Paper Dress, London 5/6/17)
9: Art Phag, Touch me
10: O.L.M., Daniel in the lion’s den
11: The purse strings
12: Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Hungarian rhapsody No2 in C minor (Liszt) [extract]
13: A Trillion Barnacle Lapse, Fountain
14: T H R E E, Through dust and bubbles surrounding
15: No Friendz, I wanna divorce (Windmill, London 7/6/17)
16: Batfinks, Certain death
17: Prefects, Going through the motions
18: Todd W Emmert, Hexed
19: LTO, Partners
20: Malani Bulathsinhala, Senehasa illa
21: The Conservative brand
22: Red Harvest, Feeling young
23: Rasalasad, Artificial land


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