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Thursday, 3 August 2017

My condition makes me me, Podcast #144 (July 2017)

So I gather that there are all these new music bloggers and smart-alec writers for the music press (well, what passes for the music press online these days). And they're all writing about the latest releases (well, the ones they got sent as promo copies for review purposes). And, shockingly, they haven't got time for my music blog or the marvellous music I showcase here.

Sad isn't it? Terrible, really. Actually, I suspect that they're even sniggering about Niluccio on noise. Laughing about its quaint design. Its rather ordinary name. Its not-exactly-fashionable attachment to er, well whatever it is I'm attached to. Yeah, they think Niluccio on noise is old hat. Worthless. But ... fuck 'em. As Albert Chevalier rightly says, they can' take a roise out of oi just because oi likes what oi likes. After all, I am who I am because of the music I like. And I like the music I like because of the person I am. (Are you following all this?). Er yes, you could say my condition makes me me ...

1: J.D. KrYsTal, Binary break
2: A life of risk
3: Faux Départ, TV panique
4: Million Brazilians, New ideas in psychic music [extract]
5: Albert Chevalier, ‘E can’t take a roise out of oi
6: FX Projeht, Warface
7: Suicide Generation, Set me on fire
8: Keosz, Crush them
9: Cherry Forever, Spook
10: Abishai, The punishment of sin
11: Stéphane Grappelli, Peanut vendor
12: Jermz, Power cut
13: Charmpit, All u fascists bound 2 lose
14: Dead Gakkahs, Paradox over paradox
15: Osiris Saline, Melancholy
16: Ranking Joe, River Jordan
17: ßänales, Mood
18: My condition makes me me
19: Technical Ecstacy, Look me in the eye
21: Lucia Pamela, Walking on the moon
22: Crimen, Dia soleado
23: The Golden Dregs, Role of a lifetime
24: Mingus Three, Summertime
25: Wesley Willis, Rock and roll McDonald’s