Single infinitesimal thing, Podcast #145

As we all know, music for some people is basically an excuse for a little nostalgia.

And I mean a little. It's hardly Proustian reverie, this ultra-trivial "oh, this takes me back" use of music. Shouting out a few lines from a truly awful chart hit from 20 or 30 years ago. Saying something about how it used to be the "soundtrack" to when your were revising for your exams/going out with your first boyfriend/having a beloved dog anaesthetised (er, maybe not this one).

Yeah, it's music as a superficial marker for your deeply boring life. But I say no. NO! No more of this. Music isn't the bloody soundtrack. It IS your life. For fuck's sake. Everything else is the background. Or it would be in any well-ordered universe.

So, here's some more Niluccio on noise music. Music as an antidote to nostalgia (or possibly music to provoke a certain kind of anti-nostalgia, nostalgia for an age yet to come). And in this 78 minutes of wonder-inducing noise, there's not a single infinitesimal thing that will make you hunger for the past ...

1: Alessandro Cortini, Perdonare
2: Gilman Mom, You smell really good
3: Red Guitars, Marimba jive (extended survival mix)
4: Running away from the police
5: Sugar Rush, ? (Flashback Records, London 17/8/17)
6: Ant The Symbol, The rooftop
7: 2.5 Children, Children of the disobedient
8: Honkies, ? (Old Blue Last, London 27/7/17)
9: Long and arduous course
10: Uglyglow, Sweet taste of betrayal
11: I know the law
12: General Echo & Barrington Levy, Eventide fire a disaster
13: Love Handlers, Delusions of grandeur
14: New Routines Every Day, Maybe those who were here before
15: Your personal relations
16: Plastic Crimewave Sound, You blew it
17: Magn├ętophone, And may your last words be a chance to make things better
18: WD Amaradeva, Wikasitha pem pokuru piyum
19: Social Contract, ? (Old Blue Last, London 25/7/17)
20: Noiserv, Perkaholic
21: Terry & Gerry, Reservation
22: UMFANG, Weight
23: Single infinitesimal thing
24: Vapourspace, Theme from vapourspace


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