Live in infamy, Podcast #146 (Sept 2017)

Yeah, yeah, it's not September. What am I on about? Posting some out-of-date podcast three weeks after the fact?

Well, I've had internet problem, ain't I? Bloody TalkTalk (aka, All TalkTalk And No ActionAction Whatsoever, Except To Threaten You With Extra Charges If You Dare To Leave Them Despite Their So-called Internet Service Being Absolutely Appalling ...). They should put that slogan on their mailings.

Ahem. Anyway, without further ado, I bring you [roll of the drum-machine drum ...] Podcast #146. It's what you almost certainly haven't been waiting for. It's chock-full of sounds which will put your teeth on edge and sour your current good mood. At least, that's the plan. Yes, though it's literally had no listeners whatsoever (discounting er, me) at the time of posting, it's already a Niluccio on noise podcast classic. It will, as they say, live in infamy.

1: Gregoire Fiaux, Kaip tapti milijonierumi
2: What do you do with your old clothes?
3: Mean Motor Scooter, Sam, the homosapien
4: Nctrnm, Workdaze
5: Count Love, Pretty big mouth
6: Gas Station Of Love, Pepp pizza
7: Hamer, ? (The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield, 15/9/17)
8: Actress, Rap
9: L. Valerie, Apartment F#
10: Nicodemus, Bone connection
11: A date that will live in infamy
12: Ye Olde Maids, Cocoa cherubs
13: Sleep Terminal, ? (The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield, 15/9/17)
14: Malcolm Middleton & David Shrigley, Help
15: Accelerator, Accelerator 3
16: Electric Sewer Age, Bad white corpuscle
17: ESG, Erase you (puppy to your side)
18: Zola Jesus, Night
19: City Yelps, ? (The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield, 15/9/17)
20: J Fella, Stayed around
21: Luddite, To dissolve
22: Teaspoon & The Waves, Oh yeh Soweto


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