You're the problem, Noisepod #13 (Sept 2017)

More laggard behaviour. Not content with posting my rather marvellous September podcast in October, I'm only now putting up my September Noisepod (you know, the er, especially noisy podcast I also bore people with every few months).

Yes, I'm getting further and further behind. Falling off the pace (not that I was ever on it). But never mind, if I go slowly enough I'll eventually be back in synch again. A bit like my gloriously out of date, out of time music. It's old and boring now, but just you wait.

And if you don't appreciate what I'm saying here - then you're the problem, not me ...

1: The Abominable Ski-Mask, Where's the beef?
2: Part Chimp, MapoLeon
3: Negative Rage, Sensitive city vol2
4: Defeat, Violated peace
5: Users, Sick of you
6: Your suit for next summer
7: (New England) Patriots, Like a rope
8: Birthday Party, Figure of fun
9: False Light, God in a cage
10: Old Lines, Temple
11: Many of you will remember
12: AFX, Analogue bubblebath
13: Uglyglow, Women can't breath
14: Dead Badgers, Angular
15: Crass, Crutch of society
16: Toska, HIPPA laws
17: Refusal to intervene
18: Slowcoaches, Ex head
19: Listen Up!, Squeeze play
20: Integrity, There is a sign
21: Pisse, Aremes schwein
22: You may scream
23: Eskro, Hitos de guerra
24: Woven Bones, Creepy bone
25: Tape Monster, Cyborg sound
26: X-Ray Spex, Let's submerge
27: Suicide Generation, Love is hate
28: Soda Boys, Soda and fries
29: That wouldn't surprise me
30: Flat Sucks, Haijin-seizo system
31: Death, Freakin' lut
32: Pick Your Side, Not a thought to spare
33: Maukka Perusjätkä, Säpinää
34: Crimen, Tu eres el pedo fiero


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