I hate jazz, Podcast #1 (Nov 2017)

Scurrilous rumours are circulating about me. People are whispering behind my back. I go into a room and people fall quiet. They look at each other meaningfully and quickly leave the room.

I know what's going on. Someone's let it slip. They're all saying "He doesn't like jazz". Me! Niluccio! They're saying I don't like jazz. It's unbelievable. A slur beyond any imagining. In fact, I've even heard that I'm supposed to have said "I hate jazz!" HATE. Can you believe it? So with my musical reputation apparently now in absolute tatters, there's only one thing for it. Yep, a new compilation. It's called I hate jazz ....

1: Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Freaks for the festival
2: Mingus Three, Summertime
3: Thelonious Monk, In walked Bud
4: Billie Holiday, I wished on the moon
5: Sun Ra & Solar-Myth Arkestra, They'll come back
6: More prisons, more police
7: Turner Parrish, Fives
8: Bessie Smith & Her Band, Gimme a pigfoot
9: Edmond Hall's Jazzmen, Night shift blues
10: Tommy Dorsey, Symphony in riffs
11: Rosco Gordon, Just in from Texas
12: Intermission
13: Campbell Burnap, St Thomas
14: Sonny Rollins Quartet, When your lover has gone
15: Miles Davis, Dear old Stockholm
16: Harold Land, Swingin' on Savoy
17: Ornette Coleman, Compassion
18: End of our rainbow
19: Count Ossie, Run one mile


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