Very depressing and alarming, Podcast #147 (Oct 2017)

If I was trying to project an air of cutting-edge excitement with this tired old music blog, I'd probably start aping the promo style of the shops around where I live. These days half of them put noticeboards out on the street with clever-clever messages. Cutesy stuff about Mondays and muffins. How coffee is more important than life. Pseudo-motivational clap-trap with an ironic twist. Because the shop/cafe/whatever is ... hip. They're not even really a shop or a cafe at all - more a lifestyle "choice", but one where you can incidentally buy overpriced and badly-made espresso, or overpriced and er, badly-brewed jeans.

And, best of all, when these boutique-y places relocate, they even put up another sign saying something like "We're moving, but to follow the story - go to this website". The story! Of their idiotic shop!

So, if you're still following the never-ending story of Niluccio on noise's podcast you'll know it's time for number 147 in the series (only 853 to go). Like all the others, it's very depressing and alarming ...

1: Brain Rays, Zombie Ken
2: Os Drongos, Werewolf
3: J.Holland & J.Hamilton & Kasair Allstars, Nyeka nyeka
4: High Sunn, Would you be my demon
5: Anne-James Chaton, Pop is dead
6: Fluke, Atomic bomb
7: Matti Bye, Forest in the sea
8: Night Shades, ? (Shacklewell Arms, London 27/10/17)
9: Roy Noble & The New Mayfair Orchestra, Repeal the blues
10: Blank Dogs, Heat & depression
11: J-1792, 1792
12: Congresswoman Malinda Jackson Parker, Cousin mosquito #1
13: KidNNasty, Don’t knead drugs
14: Very depressing and alarming
15: Country Joe & The Fish, Crystal blues
16: Marcus Schmickler, Discordance axis
17: Ewan MacColl, The four loom weaver
18: Oh well, Goodbye, Fucking flowers
19: King Scratch, Christmas time in Nassau
20: Tapes And Tubes, Sun:moon:stars
21: Pussycat & the Dirty Johnsons, Midnight motorway
22: Nicolas Jaar, Space is only noise if you can see
23: Bingo Gazingo & My Robot Friend, You’re out of the computer


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