A bit too doctrinaire, Podcast #148 (Nov 2017)

Let's get one thing straight. There's only good music and bad music, right? Right? Well, there's only what I deem - in my infinite wisdom - to be good music and the er, non-good stuff.

Yes it's subjective (my good is your extremely bad etc), but I think we should still stick to this basic division. Because otherwise we end up with that offence against nature - awful music listened to "ironically". It becomes an exercise in kitsch. Stick on some Wham and whoop (ironically). Ditto Billy Joel, Abba, Dolly Parton, Phil Collins, the list is endless ...

It's been fairly "cool" to do this for years. It's probably always been so down the years - just it would have been even older stuff that was then being "recuperated". Give it a little dusting down and place it in a new setting. Then laugh at it. All very knowing, but pointless ...

No, call me overly-rigid (many have), but I don't approve of this. It's as mindless as watching "junk" TV for "a laugh" (some laugh). There's more than enough good - extremely good - music out there to make even a moment spent revelling in kitsch, a moment wasted. Thus spake the mighty Niluccio on noise. Or, is this a bit too doctrinaire ...?

1: Sangam, This pain feels the same
2: A bit too doctrinaire
3: Trust Punks, Leaving room for the lord
4: Geodetic, X
5: Gilly Greiner, ? (Centrala, Birmingham, 26/11/17)
6: The Twinkle Brothers, Never get burn
7: L.O.T.I.O.N., Fukushima fallout
8: Lab Coast, Bored again
9: HVAC, Intro
10: Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers, Yama
11: Shudder Pulps, Kicker
12: Goner, YS 2 (edit)
13: Wild Billy Childish & The Friends Of The Buff Medway Fanciers Association, You are all phonies
14: Eugeniusz Rudnik, Guillotine DG
15: Chupa Cabra, King Lee (Windmill, London, 10/11/17)
16: Adem, Statued
17: Matti Bye, Forest in the sea
18: The Shitty Limits, Last orders
19: Scorn, Days passed
20: Prince Hammer, Bible
21: Glue, Testimony
22: Bee Bee Sea, Chum on the drum
23: Irma Vep, It runs slow


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