History of swearing, Noisepod #14 (Dec 2017)

Most people need more noise in their lives. Or so I like to think. So, sit up straight, uncork your ears, and put your hands together for ... history of swearing ...

1: Bolt Thrower, Cenotaph
2: Los Crudos, Desde el barrio
3: Mysterious Skin, Not my riot
4: Roht, Sama hvað
5: Death Pedals, Count of none
6: The Drills, Skate tough
7: History of swearing
8: Chemos, Barrier characters
9: Entombed, Full of hell
10: Henry Blacker, The grain
11: White Stripes, Jumble, jumble
12: Cold Sweat, The world is a grave
13: Insufferable, Here//alone
14: In infamy
15: The Fall, Pay your rates
16: Hey Colossus, Hey, dead eyes, pp!
17: Kind Eyes, Tunneller
18: 100 Demons, Ne desit virtus
19: The Lost Riots, Our generation
20: The safeties of the past
21: Beards, Infinite lawn
22: Other Sources, Condemned
23: Sex Pistols, No fun (demo)
24: Orden Mundial, Son fantasmas
25: Nomad, 人生
26: Slowcoaches, Surface observations
27: If this brain was destroyed
28: Witching Waves, Creeping
29: Wound Man, Rot
30: Negative Rage, Dirty hands
31: Penis In Vagina, 15
32: The Love Triangle, Future tense
33: Technical Ecstacy, Blackhole
34: Mordant, Ruined machine


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