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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Certain groups, Podcast #149 (Dec 2017)

Certain groups (and other practitioners of musical production) appear on this podcast ...

1: Visionist, Rock the flock (Diskotopia dub)
2: Hater, Had it all
3: Filmy Ghost & Uunslit, The last gestures of a ghost
4: Cold Boys, ? (Flashback Records, London 8/12/17)
5: Unknown Child, Fast car
6: Certain groups
7: Lab Coast, Walking on ayr
8: Kenny Floreat, I’m alright
9: Monkeeastronaut, Dissociative hallucinogenic compounds
10: Ouch My Face, The hammer
11: JJ Johnson, Jay
12: How was it possible?
13: Zyanose, Chipping song of bird
14: Holiday Ghosts, In my head
15: Boska, Hiddenseer
16: Fraser A Gorman, Blossom & snow
17: Youth Avoiders, Cold mines
18: Member states
19: Rigly Chang, Runnin bootleg
20: Night Shop, So smart
21: Summer, Wynona
22: Mars89, Throbbing pain
23: Earl King, Darling honey angel child
24: East Brunswick All Girls Choir, 14 Clay Gully Court
25: Gomme, Cut your finger
26: Ben Chapman, Je t’aime (12” mix)

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