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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Verbal knives, Podcast #150 (Jan 2018)

Another month, another Niluccio on noise podcast. Don't you just love the internet! This one's officially the best of the 150 I've done so far (23,850 still to go). But if you dislike it, please don't cut me with your verbal knives ...

1: Baleine3000, The nap (Aidons Antoine remix)
2: UK Gold, Off duty nuns
3: l.D.I., Puchis máis
4: Socket, ? (Windmill, London 18/1/18)
5: The Leather Nun, Dance dance dance
6: Plastic Tones, Boring party
7: SBSM, Invisible/Cyclical
8: Max Roach, Garvey’s ghost
9: G.L.O.S.S., Trans day of revenge
10: Paul Jacobs, ? (Shacklewell Arms, London 15/1/18)
11: Ivan Pejović, To be discontinued
12: Ghosts On Tape, Mogadishu night life
13: Verbal knives
14: The Cowboy, The cowboy
15: Slim Harpo, I got love if you want it
16: Spill Gold, ? (Victoria, London 28/1/18)
17: Acrylics, Gluttony
18: David Asko, Techno therapy
19: Erik Nervous, Children stabbing things
20: Treehouse, ? (Flashback Records, London 27/1/18)
21: Final Void, Ancient nuclear alien gods
22: Germ House, Showing symptoms
23: Sonny Jackson, My babe
24: Bo Gritz, ? (Windmill, London 18/1/18)

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