Alone and afraid, Noisepod #15 (Mar 2018)

Hark! Is that a new Niluccio on noise Noisepod? Yes, I do believe it is.

This little canine has already heard it. That's why his ears are like that. But hey, this dog digs noise and you should too. So lend an ear. Turn it up and then ... turn it up again. Otherwise ... er, otherwise you'll be alone and afraid ...

1: Ataraxia, Smile of my future
2: Perspex Flesh, Feeding time
3: Integrity, Beasts as gods
4: Ilsa, Foreign lander
5: Youth Avoiders, Control
6: Beards, Infinite lawn
7: The paradox
8: Part Chimp, The Saturn supersition
9: Fix Me, Funcionario
10: Deformity, No time
11: Please, Believe!, Decaying, you grow
12: Vastusta, Natsiäpärät
13: Neura, Bajo control
14: Dig the grave
15: 2.5 Children
16: Stooges, No fun
17: The Ethical Debating Society, Kill you last
18: Fist Of Fury, Inserted rage
19: Bo Gritz, Leads
20: Amorous Dialogues, Bodies of water
21: I’m so alone and afraid
22: Ty Segall, You're the doctor
23: The Damned, Neat neat neat
24: Sick Fix, Beyond the map
25: Hygiene, National Front tea party
26: Genocide Pact, Agnogenesis
27: Penis In Vagina, 08
28: Its biggest crackdown
29: Slowcoaches, No brainer
30: Nomad, 自殺
31: White Rose Movement, Speed
32: Calm The Fire, Chce mi sie wyc
33: Enforcers, The end is near
34: Harmony of collective murder
35: Defeat, Violated peace


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