In and around London, Podcast #151 (Feb 2018)

More of yer faves, lovingly assembled by me, Niluccio. Yep, it's podcast #151. I assume you've already heard the preceding 150, played them to death and are ... eager to hear more. Well, good. I hope you enjoy it.

But, if by some chance you're unhappy with the music on offer. And you're inclined to seek me out, to take me to one side and let me know in no uncertain terms what you think of my miserable taste in music. Well OK, fine. Look me up. We'll thrash it out. You'll find me in and round London ...

1: Cord Boys, Free your mind
2: In and around London
3: Intercision, CTRL ALT DLT
4: Max Kuiper & Thorsten Soltau, I
5: Aninoko, Palabra de honor
6: Tropical Waves, Mujay lagtha hai
7: The Hathaway Family Plot, Noise compliant
8: Electric Ferrets, I don’t care
9: Lazy Pilgrims, ? (Shacklewell Arms, London 26/2/18)
10: Metalogue, Content lost (Sekt & Metalogue)
11: Please, Believe!, Burning questions
12: Vastusta, Ei päämäärää
13: Little Richard, Jenny, Jenny
14: Magna Ingress, Thee ninth sigil
15: Bangumi Crew, Vst Cruisers vs The Shit Invaders
16: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Showgirls pt 1 & 2
17: Adventures In Stereo, Nobody’s scared
18: Jim Nastic, Chanting
19: Ricky Hell & The Voidboys, All 6’s
20: Me Rex, Goodbye forever
21: Neura, Presidio
22: Ninjah Fareye, Jah lives (zombie Jah)
23: Negative Space, Open secret
24: Deformity, Shards


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