Teeth blown out, Dubpod #21 (Mar 2018)

I have an occasional disagreement with my otherwise devoted partner over the question of amplification. My dearly beloved seems to think that music - specifically classical music - shouldn't be amplified. It's "fake" if you do that. It's not how it is in the concert rooms or at the opera. So we're supposed to only play stuff in the flat at the same volume at which (unamplified) musicians would themselves play it. 

Hmm. I'm not convinced. In my view, music is often far better heard at artificially loud volumes. Not least dub, cranked up until it's reverberating in synch with your own roiling internal organs. Sometimes when I pay this stuff I can't tell whether the neighbours are banging on the ceiling because it's disturbing them or it's just ... some random ricochet effect within the cacophonous sound that's taken over everything my overloaded senses can take in. Great! 

So I recommend you ignore the "room-temperature" idea of natural playback and instead play this dubpod regularly and at ever-increasing volume. You'll know when you've got the dialled-up decibel level just right. It'll be that moment when your teeth are blown out ...

1: King Tubby's, A murderous dub
2: Barry Brown, Step it up
3: Bim Sherman/Scorpio, Love forever
4: Dub Specialist, Still dubbing
5: Lone Ranger, Natty dread on the go
6: One Jesus
7: Freddie McKay, (I'm) a free man
8: The Upsetters, Vibrate dub
9: Hortense Ellis, Woman of the ghetto
10: Gregory Isaacs, On the edge
11: Ashanti Waugh, Police police
12: Triassic interlude
13: Hugh Mundell, Thinking about
14: The Revolutionaries, Natty dread dub
15: Alton & Zoot, Oppression
16: Wailing Souls, Don't fight it
17: Dennis Alcapone, Mosquito one
18: Had his teeth blown out
19: SKRSINTL, SoundTekOva
20: Twinkle Brothers, Jahoviah (12 mix)
21: Prophets, Warn the nation
22: Wayne Wade, Yabby You lord of lord
23: Big Youth, Lightning flash (weak heart drop)
24: Sammy Dread, Wat wah


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