Never thought of it as forever, Podcast #152 (Mar 2018)

This podcast - number #152 in my never-ending series - has fought hard to avoid being born. At least three times I thought I'd copied these wonderful sounds onto a CDR ready for upload only to discover ... it was blank. Nothing there. A void.

But never fear, dear reader, I persevered. And lo, the podcast was uploaded!

Some may wish it hadn't been. Better that it had stayed empty, they might say. Anything rather than this unholy racket / tiresome collection of unutterably dull stuff.

Hmm, they might even have a point. Dunno. Give it a listen. Download it even. But, should you quickly tire of it, I promise I won't mind. After all, I never thought of it as forever ...

1: Saint Abdullah, Children at war
2: Allenheimer, Hazemaschisne
3: Dwarves, Free cocaine
4: Never thought of it as forever
5: Dumb Vision, All dried out
6: Inland Taipan, ? (Windmill, London 13/3/18)
7: Nicolas Gaunin, Rongo
8: Great Ytene, Mono aware
9: Rod Taylor & Peter Ranking, True history
10: Jeppe Hoejgaard, Skrig hvis du har lunger
11: Freedom and empathy and tolerance
12: Wooden Indian Burial Ground, ? (Shacklewell Arms, London 13/3/18)
13: Rhys Chatham, Guitar trio
14: Needles/Pins, Drugs in my room
15: Caroline Devine, City of things
16: Orchestra Of St Luke’s, Concerto in A minor for violin (1) [JS Bach]
17: On Hiatus, Imaginary friend
18: Hussy, ? (Windmill, London 13/3/18)
19: BELP, Travelling thru galaxies
20: Fresh BC, Elm Street
21: Interval, Another time
22: Maceo & All The King’s Men, Thank you for letting me be myself again


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