Climb the mountain, Podcast #153 (Apr 2018)

Now hear this, now hear this. A royal wedding is coming. Please take cover. Protect yourself and your family.

Yes, you may want to tape your eyes closed and stuff bundles of cotton wool in your ears. Anything to avoid coming into contact with news regarding H**** and M*****'s fucking nuptials. (FFS. FFS!).

Even that may not be enough. Some cringingly sycophantic BBC/ITV coverage might still seep in. What can you do to be safe? I know! Grab your personal music player and head for the nearest mountain range where internet connections are non-existent. Then, stick on this Niliccio on noise podcast and ... climb the mountain.

1: μ-metik, By any means necessary
2: Climb the mountain
3: Chepang, Zerstoerung
4: Teardrop Factory, Honey run
5: Ditz, ? (Shacklewell Arms, London 24/4/18)
6: Bloom, Timeslip
7: Unseen, El monstruo
8: Corey Lyons & Alex Maerbach (Slate Arts & Performance, Chicago 3/4/18)
9: Woolworm, (I don’t need) your good vibes
10: Danny Taylor, There’s nothin’ wrong with this world
11: Soul Glo, 23
12: Duke, ? (CET, Coventry 21/4/18)
13: Negative Spectrum, The boy with no friends
14: The Jack Cades, Big fish
15: Absolutely Not, ? (Empty Bottle, Chicago, 2/4/18)
16: Scanglobe, Abakua
17: Witewash, Reasons
18: Carb On Carb, My first project
19: Reid Karris (Slate Arts & Performance, Chicago 3/4/18)
20: Âge Noir, Ville morts
21: Misty In Roots, Man kind
22: Laraaji, ? (Terraforma 2017)
23: Larry Hart, Oh Nellie
24: Gunther Prague, ? (CET, Coventry 21/4/18)


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