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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

That's cool. The AC/DC t-shirt, not the videos

[Back on!]. A quick extra thought to go with the last post on music TV. A friend mentions Beavis and Butt-head (tx AD). To me that's a good example of music TV where the framing is way better than what's actually done with the music. Of course it was an MTV series and, I'm presuming, only featured videos that were MTV staples. I always found the vids the boring parts, especially if the boys kept fairly quiet during them. (Imagine B&B ... er, without B&B, then you'd basically have ... horror of horrors, MTV).

On the other hand the running commentary from the evil duo during some of the music slots was a nice idea and it sometimes gave the music-watching experience a bit of edge. Now, if you read the Wikipedia entry on the show you get a bizarrely reverential and intensely detailed account of their musicial likes and dislikes, as well as precise observations about how they behaved while watching particular videos. Just reading it brings back some of the inspired humour yet it's strangely over-serious about their musical connoisseurship. Weird.

A point I was trying to make in my TV music post was that online is where it's at in terms of creativity. The Rammstein video is definitely only so-so (here just as a little B&B tribute, and also because I like the way someone has posted the dunderheaded remark "show some respect for beavis and butt head you ass hole"!) But, to take two quick and pretty random examples, I reckon this pair of visual treatments of two Scientist tunes (one done by the excellent kerrichter) instantly oustrip years' worth of crappy Chart Show-style output.


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