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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Order: the Pinky & Perky remix

Big day today! I came home and reorganised my records.

Yeah, feel free to mock me as you see fit. But, given that - following a frankly inspired insight - I've switched from my life-long use of a "spine-on" system to a "face-front" arrangement (see photo), I think I can allow myself a few brief moments of satisfaction.

Also, having culled about 100 records (amongst other things, I think I was only fooling myself with those Joe Loss & His Orchestra LPs) I now have better access to the good stuff.

Meanwhile, it's also true that I now have to make slightly troubling mini-decisions about which LPs and singles will end up at the front. Which lurid covers will stare out at me, needling me, reminding me of (ill-advised?) purchasing decisions from decades ago. (Hmm, The Clash's This Is England is not exactly "working"; a switch to Combat Rock can partly save face here. And, I have to say, my anti-love affair with Strummer & Co continues, this time with an unregretted dumping of Sandinista into the bulging reject bag. C'mon: it's just second-rate reggae. Reggae-lite. Contents may contain elements of reggae ...).

Ahem. So no, I make no apologies for my little record "display". Say what you want, there's something a tiny bit heart-warming about walking into the room and catching sight of (for example) the globular, melting-wax heads on the cover of PiL's Second Edition. Or (even) the cheesy-but-still-fairly-good radar screen design of Status Quo's Rocking All Over The World.

To paraphrase (the excellent) Headcoats song, you might even say that these shabby squares of alphabetised cardboard are the A-Z of my heart. No, that's ridiculous! But give me a system and I'll ... possibly get all excited by the possibilities for reorganisation. And anyway, what's wrong with having New Order's Thieves Like Us 12" nestling next to the Pinky & Perky Have A Party album?

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