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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Let's Start a Pussy Riot (again)

Yes, it's those pesky Pussy Rioters again! And in another place I attempt to get all art-historical on their asses ...  

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Into the red

Shopping. Eugh. Save me from those emporia of tat. Those dunghills of merch. Those dark satanic mills!

No, shops and "retail parks" are clearly the devil's work and best shunned. But some kinds of shopping I can tolerate. For example, the punk-funk band Shopping dipping into the red in east London last month....

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Don't make him upset

If he doesn't get his daily ration of grindcore he'll only get angry ....

Thursday, 8 August 2013

I am their originator, Podcast #96 (July 2013)

Yo, you're probably thinking what I'm thinking. That music is in a parlous state, that there's no passion any more. No commitment. No reality. All that dross, man. Eugh. Bands? They're just manufactured wannabies these days. Right? Right? I said RIGHT!? Er, then again, maybe not. Check out podcast #96 and see for yourself. And, dear reader, don't forget! I am their originator ....

1: Greg Haines, The whole (0-4:00) 
2: Trogons, Rare earth metals (4:01-6:57) 
3: Guilty Parents, Nowt (6:58-8:27) 
4: The Rwenzori’s, Handsome boy (parts 1&2) (8:28-15:10) 
5: Party Pigs, Shit I’m into (15:11-17:00) 
6: 80% weeds (17:01-17:02) 
7: Ini Kamoze, World a music (17:03-22:36) 
8: Fields Of Ohio, Song of industrial America (22:37-26:31) 
9: Mickey Gloss, ? (Power Lunches, London 18/7/13) (26:32-29:05) 
10: Nailbomb Cults, Nailbomb tipsy bootleg (29:06-32:41) 
11: Moontrash, Teenagers (32:42-34:56) 
12: Sweet Sixteens, Awungifanelanga (34:57-37:22) 
13: Polarisation (37:23-37:28) 
14: Calvin Roberts, Melt (37:29-38:23) 
15: Mr & Mrs Smith, Coffin Hill (38:24-39:59) 
16: Dead Kennedys, Too drunk to fuck (40:00-42:32) 
17: Bryan Drummond, How the dead live (42:33-46:08) 
18: ?, ? (London, July 2013) (46:09-49:48) 
19: Willbe, Brooklyn Bridge (49:49-52:46) 
20: Shudderpulps, Keep house (52:47-57:32) 
21: I am their originator (57:32-57:36) 
22. Capella Istropolitana, Concerto No4 (Corelli) (part) (57:37-1:00:53) 
23: Yi, Host body (1:00:54-1:03:51) 
24: Strong Suit, Freezer burn (1:03:52-1:06:42) 
25: Lloyd & Devon, Out of the fire (1:06:43-1:09:09) 
26: The influence of Paul Klee (1:09:10-1:09:14) 
27: Halo Halo, ? (Power Lunches, London 18/7/13) (1:09:15-1:12:12) 
28: The Lovely Eggs, A digital accordion (1:12:13-1:15:46) 
29: Jarhead Fertiliser, Drowning (1:15:47-1:16:44) 
30: Baron Lee & Blue Rhythm Band, Reefer man (1:16:45-1:19:31)

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sorry for the Crass-posting ...

Don't get angry, don't get cross .... just posting the Heartfield/Hamilton-esque wonder that is the cover of Crass's lovely Stations LP.

Yeah, it's a really nice piece of work from Gee Vaucher. Eat your hearts out you major-label punk bands with your crappy posed shots of moody group members.

Anyway sorry for the Crass-posting! And if you'd like to get off this mailing - you can't! You can't unsubscribe, you fucker! You cunt, you fucking tool of the establishment. Listen, there ain't no unsubscribe button in this world, no! They've fucking got you. With their mailing lists, their pop-ups too. No unsubscribe, no unsubscribe. There's no unsubscribe, no unsubscribe. But don't listen to what they say. They ain't got me. They ain't got me ....

Er, sorry! Came over all Steve Ignorant there for a moment ... 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Holidays in other people's countryside

Meanwhile, and once again in another place (with better furnishings and nicer food), John Lydon is packing his best Vivienne Westwood-designed holiday clothes and preparing to go to the countryside. No doubt with the car cassette playing poptones ...