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Monday, 20 April 2015

People who say something 'rocks' do not rock

When did people start saying something or other "rocks"? And more importantly, when will they stop? God, like an ever-expanding universe, people always seem to find new ways to be annoying.

OK, it's no big deal. Even I don't care really, but still ... why?

It's probably AC/DC's fault, or Aerosmith, or one of those bands. Or perhaps that massively-unfunny-looking Richard Linklater film. I dunno.

Anyway, things have obviously come to a critical pass when my not-at-all-popular-culture-orientated girlfriend uses it in an email to me. Seems she got it from an old friend of mine. Hmm. This NEEDS TO STOP.

No, along with all that two-fingered rock saluting and cries of "rawk" - which at least had the excuse that they were supposed to be ironic (not that that didn't mean they weren't still as boring as hell) - the use of rock as a way of signifying approval is about as clever and entertaining as ... oh, your average rock song. 

Yeah OK, I should get over myself. Leave music pedants corner and go out to a gig or something. True! I might even go to see Allo Darlin'. Because well, unlike Angus Young's well-past-their-sell-by date "rockers", Allo Darlin' actually do rock ...  

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