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Sunday, 12 April 2015

The great Easter iTunes meltdown disaster

Erasure. Meltdown. Utter collapse! Never mind the Great Hatton Garden Easter bank vault heist, my own Easter disaster was stupidly destroying all my iTunes playlists in a Natalie Bennett-like brain-fade moment. A moment of utter madness ...

Yeah, in case you were thinking of quickly uninstalling and then re-installing iTunes because ... well, if you were thinking of doing it for any reason whatever, my advice is: don't.

Losing a few playlists in your crappy iTunes library on your computer. Big deal. Why does that matter? Well, it DOES! Five years of patiently (read: obsessively) assembling ripped CDs and downloaded albums into their iTunes playlist equivalent - this is a veritable labour of love. Devotion. I've slaved at the noisy musical coalface of playlist engineering for ... oh, for about 193 hours.

And not just on the albums playlists. There are all the Niluccio on noise monthly compilations (what, you don't know about these!), the dub and noise comps, the miscellaneous download categories (Sociopath Recordings take a bow), the country music samplers for my Stetson-wearing brother-in-law.

And there's a lot more to this digital carnage which I won't bore you with. As I pick up the pieces (yes the last few evenings have been spent almost entirely in the dark rebuild tunnel ...) I'm noticing annoying quirks with iTunes which are only intensifying the pain. The programme fails to consistently identify downloaded albums (it does with some, not with others) and it fails to even give names or titles to certain tracks on an apparently random basis. Oh what fun I'm having ...

But hey, Niluccio on noise is not daunted by such setbacks. No! I've previously weathered the Great CD Shelving Collapse of 2012, the Warped Records Stupidly Placed On A Sunny Shelf Debacle of 2013, and ... well, through it all I soldier on. In a word the struggle continues. Music must be borrowed, downloaded, recorded, bought (well, very occasionally), and it must be systematised, filed, stuck on shelves, copied onto my iPod and deposited in my car.

To state the obvious: music isn't a casual matter - it's a lifetime project. And who knows. I might even get round to playing some of it one of these days ...

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