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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Another missed gig in 2013 ...

Found this in one of my jacket pockets this weekend. A flyer for a gig in north London in ... September. Ah, good intentions, not much use now.

Yeah, I'm a bit of wash-out with gigs at times. This promised to be pretty good - I've enjoyed The Love Triangle and Shopping when I actually managed to stir myself and make it to one of their gigs in the past. But no, I contrived to miss this one just like a lot of other very promising-looking gigs this year. It's unforgivable, that's what it is!

I really should do a post about the 20 best-looking-gigs-I-managed-to-miss-in-2013 - it might be a more impressive list than the 20 I've rather pathetically designated my 20 best of the year. Oh hum. Here's hoping for more resolution, more grit and more determination in 2014. More Shopping and less shopping. More The Love Triangle and less messy, real-life love triangles involving running around behind the back of my partner telling increasingly elaborate lies. (No, only kidding). No, in 2014 I hope to waste less time and invest it in battling through the traffic to get to gigs that are just about to finish. Hey, that sounded pretty good. More! MORE!

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