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Monday, 3 January 2011

Zushi on Lomax

Zushi on Lomax
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Pretty good little review of the legendary Alan Lomax in the New Statesman by Yo Zushi. (I say review of Lomax b/c it doesnt say much about the book it's reviewing, a biography by John Szwed).

Certainly I read The Land Where The Blues Began with wide-eyed fervour, probably a bit the way Lomax himself was when he went rocking up at the next beaten-down shack in Mississippi to bribe some old timer with whiskey to sing for him. Hey, great times!

Unlike Mr Lomax I can't say I ever saw Leadbelly or Fred McDowell doing their stuff, but I did catch Yo Zushi himself about three years ago doing an indie-folkie thing. Kinda good, I thought. When's he playing again though? Can't see much on his MySpace.

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