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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bring me noise boys

Yes, it's Niluccio On Noise ... on noise! It had to happen. 

Well, these are merely the ill-formed ramblings of my disordered and noise-polluted mind - the rough recordings, the demo tapes. Anyway, as we all know, noise annoys, or has the capacity to. But it's also what it's all about. Decibels, clatter, amp stacks, sirens, feedback. Throw it all in.

But, re noise the genre. Is it my imagination or are there a lot of hardcore/noise/screamo-type bands around at the moment? Lift up any rock and they come teeming out. Hey, I don't mean that pejoratively. I like a lot of this music. In fact I nearly always like it. Up to a point ...

I must admit, though, I do sometimes think the genre's unduly conservative. Three or four youngish men (virtually no women), blasting out metal-tinged rock, those rapid drum-cymbal "bleats", a guy out front growling down the mic, a huddle of fans nodding away in (attempted) beat-synch, and a plethora of hoodies and tattoos among performers and their audiences. An almost cosy, content-with-itself scene.

Noise-y types Black Everest at Hafermarkt, Flensburg, Germany 21/9/12

But, it's also got to be said, the eco-system seems to be a thriving one. There are masses of outfits and new recordings on Bandcamp, and plenty of well-attended gigs. In a word, it seems to be an "indie" scene worthy of the name. I'd personally like to see/hear more variety - different instruments, women, black musicians, bills that aren't so "uniform", some humour - but overall I still reckon it's A Good Thing. A plethora of lively young bands playing, fast, intense, loud and (sometimes) exciting rock music. That's a plus in these dark and dreary times. So I say: bring me noise boys!

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