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Friday, 19 October 2012

A bath of red and blue

Though big stageshows totally repel me - for my money in any given situation the number of stage lights will generally stand in inverse relation to the quality coming from that overlit stage - a bit of lighting is er, a good idea.

Rebecca Mayes: Pop In, Paris 18/10/12

A splash of, oh I dunno, red and blue - can be kinda nice. With the Rebecca Mayes/David Beauchamp gig pic here, the lighting was low-key (more than the photo suggests). But it was enough. Add in a bit of (literal) glitter on Mayes' cheeks (this revival of glam-rock styling always works quite well I reckon) and Beauchamp wearing a groovy red and black hat-tie combo - and bob's yer uncle! 

I could probably bang on about how costumes on stage - animal face masks, military uniforms, slogans written on clothes, etc - are generally A Good Thing, but ... another time. For now, I'm just going to sink into a relaxing bath of red and blue....

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